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Let’s create your own personalized Paleo approach.

(and FINALLY stick with it!!)

Transition to Paleo is a complete step-by-step system help you to create your own personalized Paleo lifestyle & *successfully* stick with it!

No confusion.  Nothing left out.

This approach works! And it’s a system that is 100% replicable.  When I first started out, I spent years struggling to cobble together all the info I needed online, looking for Paleo recipes that were ACTUALLY delicious, and trying to go cold turkey but not having all the tools I needed to succeed.

After years of research putting together a comprehensive system, I KNEW I had to share this program with others in a way that *anyone* could use & get results with.

You do NOT need to have superpowers to do this!  You, too, can get amazing results in a relatively short amount of time.

“I was so fortunate to find the Bare Root Girl when considering a Paleo diet; her recipes and knowledgeable approach made it easy (and delicious) to transition to this new lifestyle. I'm relieved to never feel faint or 'hangry' anymore, plus my cravings for bread and sugar are completely gone. This diet isn't just about losing weight--it's about truly feeling your best!”

— Rebecca, Chicago


A one-week Intro Phase helps you to dive into the modules and get started on your pantry & fridge.

Each week includes:

  • Full meal plans covering allllll your meals
  • Shopping lists
  • Videos in each module for easy listening & learning
  • An ever-growing recipe index with 100’s of gluten-free & grain-free recipes
  • PDF resource templates to keep handy forever like my signature Hot & Saucy Salad, Express Meals Formula, Easy & Flexible Paleo Breakfast Formula, Pantry Staples, and a huggggeeee list of Paleo-friendly Brand Recommendations

PLUS a few kick-a$$ bonuses!

Bonus #1

Three (3) 30-Minute Coaching Calls!  Use these calls to get direct access to me for support.  Spread them out every two weeks, use them at the beginning, middle, or even after the 6 week program!  It’s your call.

Bonus #2

Bonus Module: Up-leveling Your Performance. Everything you need to know about fermented foods, supplements, and high-nutrient foods like organ meats.

Bonus #3

40% discount to Pure Encapsulation Supplements.  A high-end line of supplements free of gluten, fillers, and other allergens. These savings alone can pay for the course in a matter of months!

Plus something a little special

Some things are better together, so…

The first 10 people to enroll will get to take advantage of my BOGO program.


If you’re in the first 10, we’ll reach out to you and ask who you’d like to gift this course to.  We encourage you to find someone who is excited and willing to make good use of this opportunity.

Who is this program best for?

  • You’re a busy SAHM.
  • You’re a busy working parent.
  • You’ve failed at healthy eating because it seems too hard.
  • You just want someone to tell you what to eat and plan your meals for you!
  • You love Paleo but you don’t know where to start (or more important, how to stick with it).
  • The health problems are mounting and you want to reverse course & set a new path for your life.
  • You’re confused about all the (mis)information & would *love* to have a simple system to follow.
  • You’re ready to take control over your life and free yourself from food addictions and compulsive eating.

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Money-Back Guarantee

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